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Polynucleotides specialists in Ipswich and London

Polynucleotides are genetic strands taken from salmon fish which are injected as a clear liquid for aesthetic purposes to regenerate the skin. Polynucleotide treatment improves the skin quality on a cellular level and can be used to hydrate the skin, treat dark under-eye circles, treat fine lines around the eyes and lips, rejuvenate scars or improve overall texture to give skin a healthy glow.

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  • HOW DO POLYNUCLEOTIDES WORK?: When polynucleotides are injected into the skin, they work by stimulating the body’s natural repair mechanisms, repairing damaged cells, boosting collagen and elastin production.

  • HOW MANY TREATMENTS WILL I NEED?Although it varies, depending on the severity of each case, typically 2-3 or 4 treatments are required, each 2-4 weeks apart.

  • DOWNTIME: The Polynucleotide treatment can be performed with either a cannula or a needle. Recovery from needle takes longer than from cannula due to the appearance of blebs on the skin. 

  • FOLLOW UP AND RESULTS:  You treatment will be performed every 2-4 weeks (normally 3 treatments in total). We then advise a top-up up single treatment every 6-12 months to sustain your result. While some initial results may be visible soon after the treatment, the full benefits of Polynucleotide rejuvenation tend to be seen several months after completing the treatment.


  • Boosting collagen production and elastin for an overall rejuvenation of the under eyes, face and neck.Enhancing skin hydration, circulation and overall skin quality.

  • Eyes: Polynucleotides reduce dark under-eye circle, and smoothing Crow's feet, fine lines, hollows and puffiness beneath the eyes.

  • Skin: Polynucleotides smooth fine lines, encourage glowing skin and can be used as an alternative to popular antiwrinkle injections.

  • Skin on cheeks: Polynucleotides smooth folds and lines, tightening and lifting cheeks and hydrating skin.

  • Smokers lines/lines around the mouth/chin: Polynucleotides smooth lines around the mouth without plumping or adding volume.

  • Jawline: Polynucleotides help tighten and define jawline.

  • Neck: Treat fine lines on the neck, treat fine lines and crepey-looking skin.

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